Concept map from SS cohort discussion after last class

We ended up having a discussion about the five w’s +how, and I recollected as much as I could the discussion and created a concept map. I know that we were considering maybe 1 lesson with different differentiations of tasks for different age groups, but I think exploring the idea of dehumanization would sidestep accidentally trying to “reinvent the wheel,” and explore this central theme.


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Manifest Progeny

The theme of my collection of artifacts is: Manifest Progeny . Progeny is defined as: descendants or offspring regarded collectively. This is a play on words with Manifest Destiny. These artifacts in specific order, communicate that we are the progeny of a society that committed irreparable injustices against native populations. This westward invasion was relabeled as westward expansion under the blanket justification that the Christian god created American settlers to spread their “common good” across the land.




Please click the image to open a link to the transcript of speeches made by Cheif Joseph of the Nimipuu tribe.

Chief Joseph's Speeches
Courtesy of the Library of Congress




Please follow along with the MP3 file by clicking the image below to access a transcript of Bill Moyer’s interview with acclaimed native writer, Sherman Alexie.

Excerpt from Bill Moyer's interview w/ Sherman Alexie

Courtesy of Bill Moyer and PBS




I’ve concluded this exhibit with a piece entitled “Ghost Dance” by Tommy Orange. Please view the embedded youtube video below.

Courtesey of Tommy Orange and




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Memoirs of an amnesiac


Memoirs of an amnesiac

I am from finding humor in heartbreak

I am from fly over states
Progressive ignorance
Undiagnosed mental illness

I am from beautiful landscapes
Gas guzzling rigs
Wild Child
Wild children who start forest fires

I am from faith in anything .but self
Dusty pews
Women who fear men
Men who fear themselves

I am from obligatory high school encounters
Pre- pubescence

I am from an infinite loop of history repeating itself
Self doubt
Rural folk

I am from insolence and insignificance
The here and now
The here and then
The there and then
The here and back again: A hobbits tale by Bilbo Baggins

I am from terminal nostalgia
Abuse, then absence
Shame, then silence
Death, then distance
Grief and god


I am from nowhere
And that’s what I’ll tell you

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