Reflections for Memorial

It is important to create a series of lesson plans that is easily accessible to all classrooms.  Reflecting on all the details that were carefully designed into the memorial was really powerful.  The tour itself was an experience.  How can we make this personal to our students?  Here are a few suggestions…


How do we introduce the memorial to the students?

  • Show interviews to the students
  • Have students read the writings on the memorial wall
  • Give a brief introduction on the significance of memorials, what they mean, and what they stand for


How do we give our students the most impactful experience while at the memorial?

  • Create a reflective guided tour
  • Have students pick a quote they feel is most powerful and explain why
  • Integrate group activities (not sure what yet)
  • Have students write questions anonymously that they would like to ask the docents


  • Discuss the impacts of memorials and their significance in today’s society
  • How do the events of the past relate to what we are seeing today?

Where To Go From Here

I am from sunshine, sunscreen and the ocean breeze

I am from freeways, tree-lined streets and houses as far as the eye can see

I am from four-hour road trips and classic rock music

I am from bar-b-ques and sports on the weekend

I am from surprise trips to Disneyland and dinner at the table

Disneyland sign, Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, 1974

I am from the land of urban sprawl

The land of keeping up with appearances and the Joneses

I am from the land of redlining, zoning and pretty parks

I am from the land of years-long drought and the greenest grass you will ever see

I am from the land of track homes, convenience and idyllic suburbia

1961 Travel Ad, Southern California Tourism, Vintage Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beach


I am from two homes and split holidays

I am from two parents with a high-school diploma

I am from struggling to get through high school

I am from the best support system

I am from learning to enjoy the simple things in life, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and finally figuring it out

I am from learning that education is everything

I am from needing to be and do more

And I am a first-generation college graduate who is going places