Apartment Renter Market Equilibrium Activity

I have embedded a video of me showing students how to perform an activity I planned that creatively assesses their understanding of market equilibrium. They act as a real estate speculator that has to collect information in a custom google map and then plug that into a google form and make a supply and demand graph to prove their claim on the location of the equilibrium point. This is an informal assessment that would happen midway through a unit.


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  1. Great idea for an explainer video. Well designed. Clear instructions. Planned but not over-produced.

    Takes me back to my Eco teaching days. Not sure if you want them to be public, but you might add a link to your Google map for viewers to check out.

  2. Hi Justin,

    I liked this! I thought it was engaging and personable. I also liked that you used Loom, I think Loom videos are very visually appealing and good quality. I have been using Loom to record my classes for observation but I use Google Meets to record my explanation videos for student teaching since we use Google Classrooms and the quality is not great so I think I will make the switch to Loom for those soon too.

  3. Hi Justin,

    This is a really great idea! This would definitely save time having to explain the same thing repeatedly. I agree with Maggie, I like using Loom. It’s pretty user friendly and is a great tool to use with Google Classroom.

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