Exploring Constantinople 1880-1922

Haghia Sophia (1910). Source
An interesting juxtaposition of a simple structure in the foreground of this massive, historic mosque (originally built as a church in AD 537).
This half crescent moon is a traditional Islamic symbol. Were these street posts located throughout the city, or just adjacent to the mosque (converted in the 15th century)?
This photo of a bakery is taken in 1922. Source
The languages include Armenian, Ladino, English, Greek and Russian.
Loaves are on display on the exterior of the building as well as in what appears to be a large, open window.
Late 19th Century on the Grand Rue de Pera. Source
One of the only women walking down the avenue. Is she local, or a traveler?
Window washing above the boulevard. Do the passersby notice?

Diving Deeper into Historical Photos

Photo #1 – Umpires Catching Rain

Umpires looking up at the rain at a baseball game Source

Who: On the left we have the cap with the logo of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team. On the right is a picture of a player in an old Pittsburgh Pirates Uniforms. So one can assume that this is a major league baseball game between the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Photo #2 – Fireworks For Sale

Boy looking at fireworks for sale Source

Where: It is hard to see in this cropped picture of the sign that is tucked away behind the counter in the bigger picture. The letters on the sign when read backwards and upside-down spell out Oregon. So it can be a good educated guess that the photo is of a store located in Oregon.

Photo #3 – Barber and Shop

Barber standing in front of his shop Source

When: We see here in this cropped picture a football schedule poster that is being displayed in the barber shop window. We see that the schedule is for the University of Omaha football team’s 1938 schedule. Based on this, it is safe to assume that this picture takes place in the year 1938.

History in Focus

A Parade of Sumo Wrestlers in the Ring Source
Check out this sweet sword! Hmmm, I wonder why he’s holding it with that pink rag. Maybe he’s getting ready to hand it over to his buddy over there?
Nice outfits, fellas. Those colors don’t look quite right…I wonder if someone added them later?