Create An Interactive Presentation With Nearpod

Learn how to create a Nearpod Presentation

The intended audience for this video is students to demonstrate how they can use Nearpod to create interactive presentations for potential class assignments. However, this video also could be used by other teachers for them to learn a new classroom resource. As both students and teachers adjust to remote teaching, tools like Nearpod can be helpful to rethink how we conduct classroom assessments. Nearpod allows for collaborative and interactive presentations and easily plugs into Google Slides, making it highly intuitive for students already using Google Classrooms.

These factors make Nearpod another excellent tool in the arsenal of remote teachers and students.

If you would like to experience the student side of the asynchronous presentation, click this link:

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Welcome to World History

I make explanation videos for my students multiple times a week since three days of the week we are asynchronous meaning I do not get to talk to them live over Google Meets. When we are asynchronous I like to make these videos so that they have a a verbal and visual explanation of their assignment and expectations and are not just left to figure out what all the Google Classroom posts mean on their own.

Since I make these often, I figured there was no point in reinventing the wheel and just decided to share one that I actually used in student teaching a couple of weeks ago. This is for my 10th grade World History class from when we were discussing the Scientific Revolution. This is the longest one I’ve ever made for them (a little under 5min) normally I do not lecture I just do a ~2min explanation of their assignment but in this case, I wanted to give them a refresher on the topic. This probably won’t be the most exciting video, but I thought it would be cool to see something I actually use as opposed to a hypothetical. I record using Google Meets / Google Drive because my school uses Google Classroom although I have started to use Loom to record my classes for observation and I like it a lot so I may start using it to make these explanation videos as well.

Technology Can Be Hard. Don’t Google How to Google!

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How to Submit Assignments in Google Classroom by Angela Nguyen


This will be intended for the students. Students are getting more acclimated to using Google Classrooms everyday (for those that use it). However, for students whose school switches platform to Google will be able to understand how to use one of its most important functions in Google Classroom, turning in assignments.

Lots of students may struggle with using Google Classroom for the first time. Rather than having to tell each student how or presenting it at the beginning of the school year and then having students forget a few days later, this video will have able to be played back. This would be used as a great tool for students review, catch-up, play back at their own speed, and even read the caption in case they did not understand.

The video has closed captioning for students who are English Language Learners, Deaf/ Hard at Hearing.

Screen Capture Platform: Zoom