American Gothic Tales

After reading Joyce Carol Oates incredible compilation of Gothic tales by American authors, we will break down and examine the meaning held within these stories. The tales in this collection use the dark, the mysterious, the macabre as metaphor for the most frightening thing of all: the human experience.

Paleolithic and Neolithic Quiz

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Test your knowledge on both Paleolithic and Neolithic history

The attached quiz is intended to be taken by sixth graders in a social studies course attached to an ancient civilizations unit. This focuses on important concepts linked to both the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras and define important cultural facts that are important for longer analysis. Answer the questions on the attached google form as best you can.

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An Overview of the First Four Crusades: A Supplemental Resource for World History Students

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This Google Form takes a “choose your own path” approach by prompting students which of the first four Crusades they want to review. Each overview has a brief description, a video, an image, and questions varying in type. The idea behind this Google Form is to be a flexible, supplemental review for students. Each overview is based on information that my CT covered in their Middle Ages unit, which was presented to 10th grade World History students.

Here is a direct link to the Google Form: