The Concerns and Hopes of Virtual Instruction

When I decided to become a teacher, virtual instruction is not what I had in mind. So much of what I love about the craft of pedagogy is rooted in the face to face content between teachers and students within the classroom community. Online instruction is a hurdle for both students and teachers, as both look to continue their academic careers. As an MAT candidate, an extended online period is obviously scary and concerning. While I am confident in my abilities to build student relationships and wield content, lack of time in the classroom may decrease my confidence as a standard educator. 

Although our current MAT courses prepare us quite well for the modern COVID-19 world. I wonder what we’re missing in terms of classroom management that is not related to virtual instruction. If things were to snap back into the pre-pandemic world, will our unique training help us secure jobs in the “normal” world? Obviously, this is just one of the concerns MAT students might be dealing with as educators of the uncertain future. 

However, there is hope – and quite a large amount of it. Obviously, regardless of our education medium, we can be confident in the course work which we are completing. As MAT candidates of the UP program, we can take pride in the rigor of our academic requirements, and at the quality of our performance. We must be sure that the education which we are receiving will arm us for the challenges ahead and prepare us the change the minds of the future. Although we are currently online, our process of becoming greater educators is not stowed. The work we do for the next 9 months will help us secure future jobs, and create a future generation that fosters change within their societies. 

The education methods which we add to our arsenal are amazing techniques which will help us as future teachers and mentors. Our road ahead may be tricky and untraversed, but it does get easier.. hopefully. As I look to the future, I am delighted for what’s in store. Despite adversity, I know that my experience here will prepare me for the challenges ahead, whether online, or in-person. Fear not – for the future is bright!