Praise for our coursework from Sam Wineburg – Stanford History Education Group

This course will be taught virtually in Fall 2020 semester – over Zoom

This website is supervised by Peter Pappas with contributions from his undergraduate / graduate social studies methods class ~ ED 456/576A at the University of Portland’s School of Education.  Peter also teaches ED 424 ~ Computers and Educational Technology at UP.

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We utilize a practical, hands-on, project-based approach to mastering the art and science of teaching secondary social studies. Our course goals:

  1. Learn to think like a historian (or other social scientist).
  2. Become a skillful instructional designer.
  3. Develop skills for reflection, growth and professional networking.

Peter Pappas, the instructor,  is a University of Portland-based educator, writer and instructional designer exploring frontiers of teaching, jazz, Macs, film, great books, and garlic. He also blogs at Copy / Paste and lurks on Twitter @edteck

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Image by stokpic from Pixabay