Class 13: Lesson Design With Sway

Today’s class will meet in the Clark Library Digital Lab where we will begin design of our final project – a historical document-based lesson (DBL).

Your DBL will include:

  1. Essential question for student to consider. Open ended, invites discussion / debate. If possible phrase so it continues to be a relevant question.
  2. Introduction of the lesson with brief historical context as needed.
  3. About 5 – 8 related documents (image, text, video, audio) that will assist the students in exploring the essential question.
  4. A scaffolding question for each document to assist the student in examining the document.

We will be using Microsoft Sway as our design tool.

See Peter’s sample DBL made with Sway.

Go to this Sway

Each student will log into their UP Microsoft 365 account and design their own Sway. (They will also invite Peter as a collaborator.)

For assistance using Sway check these resources


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