Exploring History Vol VI

Every semester students publish a collection of historical thinking skills lessons in a showcase. In prior years we used iBooks Author. This year we switched to Microsoft Sway. Here’s our Fall 2018 showcase. American Reactions to the Vietnam War by Nick Krautscheid Ending WWII by Nicole Matier War and Society by Gabriel Bruneau Equality on the Front […]

Class 13: Lesson Design With Sway

Today’s class will meet in the Clark Library Digital Lab where we will begin design of our final project – a historical document-based lesson (DBL). Your DBL will include: Essential question for student to consider. Open ended, invites discussion / debate. If possible phrase so it continues to be a relevant question. Introduction of the […]

Class 11: Teaching Social Studies with Data

Quite often edtech tools are used by the teacher rather than the students and don’t do much more than make things prettier. Think: Teacher at Smartboard as replacement for the overhead. New digital technologies allows us to “see” information in new ways. Think: Students analyzing a text using  Wordle     History and other humanities that tended to be […]