Alternative History of the Black Death: You probably would have died… but what if you didn’t?

The Black Death was one of the most influential pandemics that could have ever struck Europe. While it was a massive tragedy and several millions, potentially even hundreds of millions, people died, it ultimately allowed for several modern ideologies to come around to Europe, as well as weaken the existing, repressive forces in Europe. Not only did it result in several social changes, this may tend to happen when massive populations are subjected to look at death every day, but also political and economic change that would led to Europe becoming a world powerhouse. It brings to question, what would have happened if the Black Death never came to Europe?

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What if Bobby didn’t Leave Through the Kitchen?

While campaigning at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, on June 5, 1968, Bobby Kennedy left the ballroom after an address and found himself in deep trouble. He went through the hotel kitchen despite being advised by his bodyguard to avoid that area of the hotel. In a crowded kitchen passageway, Sirhan Sirhan opened fire and Kennedy was hit three times killing him.
I think Bobby Kennedy was ahead of his time in terms of his social policies. What would have happened if he wasn’t assassinated? Would he have become president? What policies would he have enacted? Could he have halted the Vietnam War and passed legislation to aid race relations and socioeconomic issues?

Jesus Christ- the God

During my life as a catholic I wondering if Jesus was the Man whom he says he is. I was curious to see if it was true and what kind of power he had. He was born on December 25 and lived his live fully. As he aged, Jesus made miracles by changing water into wine, feeding 5,000, healing a blind man, and a lot more.

But what if it wasn’t Jesus? What if all that Jesus did was just another person. It makes you wonder why was Jesus here? I can understand if I saw him him do a “miracle,” but I would have to see it to believe it. That doesn’t mean I am not a follower of Christ, but how does something that is supernatural happen like that?

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What if Hillary Clinton Won the 2016 Election?

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A big what if. With the 2020 election in the rearview mirror, we find ourselves wondering, what could have been if Hillary Clinton was president? Maybe we’re not, because that would mean reflecting on the past four years (and a lot has happened in four years).

Regardless, it should be acknowledged that the last four years could have been different if Clinton was president. Taking us through some highlights from Trump’s presidency and what might have been different under Clinton explores the changes in America gives us space to reflect. Hopefully, this serves as a snapshot of life in the U.S. the last four years could have been different had Clinton become POTUS. But again, would it have been different? Something to reflect on…