What if Hillary Clinton Won the 2016 Election?

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A big what if. With the 2020 election in the rearview mirror, we find ourselves wondering, what could have been if Hillary Clinton was president? Maybe we’re not, because that would mean reflecting on the past four years (and a lot has happened in four years).

Regardless, it should be acknowledged that the last four years could have been different if Clinton was president. Taking us through some highlights from Trump’s presidency and what might have been different under Clinton explores the changes in America gives us space to reflect. Hopefully, this serves as a snapshot of life in the U.S. the last four years could have been different had Clinton become POTUS. But again, would it have been different? Something to reflect on…

3 Replies to “What if Hillary Clinton Won the 2016 Election?”

  1. Very clever idea. And I love the Donald goes back to Tweeting and civilian life. Good summary of some of Trumps most egregious actions and thoughtful speculation of what could have been.

    Hope Joe has a chance to set things straight.

  2. Hi Angela, what a topical post! It is interesting to think about how the events of this week might have been different if Hillary had won four years ago. I wonder if Donald Trump would have run again in 2020… maybe we would have had the same showdown 4 years later? Overall, nice post!

  3. I read this and was like dang what if cause that sounds way better than the election craziness that we have been dealing with today with the election. It really brings into light how different Trump’s presidency has been and how its been so difficult to accomplish things that may improve the life quality of people who need it.

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