Class 1: Teachers and Students

This is our first class of the fall ’17 term. We’re going to use a number of activities to get to know one another. Our focus will be exploring the changing roles of student and teacher. As a subtext, we will use some “old school” and cutting edge tools.

pappas-rookieI’ll share a copy of my 1971 student teaching evaluation (2 page pdf) Quite a relic – Why did I save it?  We’ll examine it as an historic document with a critical eye for answering a number of questions: Who created it and why? Historic context? Point-of-view? What could we learn from it? What other sources might we need to collaborate?

We will explore what it tells us about NYS teacher preparation programs in 1971.

We’ll read and discuss – Snapshot of a Modern Learner by Mike Fisher. We are going to use Prism – a tool for “crowdsourcing interpretation” to collaboratively mark up the reading. Here’s a link to that Prism markup tool. Below – some instructions for using Prism.

Assignment 1
We’ll explore FlipGrid – “a video discussion community for your classroom” and I will email you a link to our first video discussion. I’ve posed a very simple task: “in 90 seconds describe yourself as a learner. Don’t use pedagogical terms. Keep it real.”
This will be our chance to try out FlipGrid and discuss how we might use it during the course to support each other with our lesson designs.

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