Class 14: Final Project Showcase

Overview / Class Session

We will share our final projects with one another in short sessions. The creator will briefly share intent – the rest of us will offer peer review and feedback. We will also do our SmartEvals and make plans for our final exit chats.

Exit Chat schedule

Assignment 9: Create a Portfolio Introduction

When someone clicks on your author tag, they will see all of your posts in reverse chronological order. Think of this post as the introduction to your work. 

Be sure to give it a good title and featured image.
This will introduce your work to the world.

Here are some samples from Fall ’20.

Here’s how to embed your posts:

Just search blocks for WordPress. And insert the URL of post you want to embed into block.

This curated collection of a few of your posts will introduce your work to the reader.

Possible prompts:

  • highlight your final project
  • also showcase other work you did that you are proud of (could link to specific pages)
  • your progress – what you thought of the work you did
  • your approach to teaching / learning history
  • go back to your first post and reflect on what you’ve learned about teaching methods

  1. Complete course assessment at SmartEvals
  2. All blog posts completed – see list here
    (You should have completed 9 posts – includes your final project and final reflection )
  3. Export your final project blog post as a PDF and upload to TaskStream for final assessment.

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