Class 8/9: Lesson Study 2

Lesson study is a form of classroom inquiry in which several teachers collaboratively plan, teach, observe, revise and share the results of a single class lesson.  (Learn more about the “formal” process here)

We are modifying that formal process into a simple one. Each student in the class will “teach” a 20-25 minute learning activity. The rest of the class will act as participate / observers – serving as “students” during the lesson and afterwards, giving feedback to the “teacher.”

ASSIGNMENT 6 – TEACHING A LESSON (Session 2) | Lesson ideas (2) 19A-6
  • Class 8 (10/21) – Jose, Jarrett, Casey
    Class 9 (10/28) – Renee, Maddy, Jacquie, Cody

“Teachers” have prepared a learning activity and written an anticipatory blog post following guidelines outlined here.

  1. target audience
  2. content (what will be studied)
  3. process (what will you do – what will students do)
  4. resources for lessons

Participate / observers will use the following prompts to guide their feedback  immediately following the lesson.

  1. Contentas a student, what were you learning – facts, skills, insights?
  2. Processwhat did you see the teacher do to set up and deliver the lesson?
  3. Productwhat were you, as a student, tasked to “do / produce” to demonstrate your learning?
  4. Assessmentas an observer, how did the lesson go? Insights on content, delivery, workflow. Suggestions?
ASSIGNMENT 7 (Session 2)

“Teachers” will write a blog post that reflects on how your intent was realized in your delivery. Possible prompts: 

  • Did you accomplish your goals? 
  • What worked well? What didn’t?  
  • How about your timing, delivery and workflow? 
  • What did you learn from the experience?

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