Class 5: PBL From Ideas to Action

In today’s class we will finalize our brainstorming and bring some focus to our Holocaust Memorial Project.

Assignment 5

All student will complete this Sam Wineburg reading and flipped lesson Who is the historian in your classroom? Created at TEDed using a video from Stanford History Education Group. (SHEG)

Students will work in one of three study groups. Each group will design a 20-min presentation on one of the following three historical thinking skills- Sourcing, Contextualizing and Corroborating.

I recommend that students create an account at the Teaching Channel and use these three lesson clusters – Sourcing, Contextualizing and Corroborating. Each features an explanatory video as well as supporting material in the lower right of the screen. In the upper right, a “My Notes’ section allows you to take timestamped notes on the video and export for sharing with your project partner.

Jigsaw Lesson: Next week in class, each study group will be expected to teach their peers the principles and a few effective strategies for teaching their assigned historical thinking skill.

Blog post: Each partner of study team can share the same blog post which will provide some context or detail about their lesson to the class.

Image credit: Adobe Spark

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