Class 4: Mission-Driven PBL

This week class will meet at Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education (OJMCHE) to tour the exhibition and begin discussion of our project to serve as instructional design consultants creating lessons for visitors to the Oregon Holocaust Memorial.

With historical memorials in the news and neo-Nazis on the march, this community-based challenge will allow us to use a PBL approach to explore instructional design with purpose. More

Here’s a few links that can guide assist our work:

  • After Charlottesville: Public Memory and the Contested Meaning of Monuments (Facing History and Ourselves) is central and raises some interesting essential questions beginning with “What is the purpose of memorials and monuments? What impact do they have on us and the way we think about history?” Link
  • Guidelines for Teaching about the Holocaust (US Holocaust Memorial Museum) reflects approaches appropriate for effective teaching in general, are particularly relevant to Holocaust education.  Link
  • Entry point for OJMCHE Oral history collection  Link
  • Echoes & Reflections: Teaching the Holocaust / Inspiring the Classroom Link
Assignment 4

See completed Assignment 4 here

Write a brief post the will serve as a reflective starting point for your work on this project. Due Sunday 9/24.

It could include:

  • ideas for memorial lesson design
  • reflection on memorial visit (you can build on email you sent me)
  • reflection on memorial or museum visit
  • opportunities or concerns
  • reaction to PBL as instructional approach
  • Something else

Image credit: Adobe Spark using photo detail of Oregon Holocaust Memorial by Peter Pappas

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