Where Are You?

Same place???

What about now?

Ok, hang on…

Can you see Canada? Mexico? Pacific Ocean?

This is OUR world.


Photo credits:

Adobe Spark

Google Maps

3 Replies to “Where Are You?”

  1. I really liked your use of visual media and accessible technology! I think it effectively provides a framework and a beginning reference for your students (with little to no background knowledge) in a creatively simple, approachable way, linking to everyday experience and circumstances in order to cultivate interest and begin to develop literacy in geography, and also to raise awareness of their place in a global community.

  2. I really enjoyed the use of your visuals. This would be a great guided exercise for your students and maybe this can lead to them creating their own. Like Taran mentioned, this would be a great activity to activate prior knowledge or prepare your students for the following lesson.

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