Impressions and Reflections

After seeing the complexity of the museum  exhibit, and how interactive everything is, it would be cool to mimic this interaction in our site. Having a multitude of links to audio, artifacts, clips old news stories- anything that would allow for further understanding and for connections to be made- would fit nicely with the museum’s design. I was really struck by how much information there was in the museum. Just when I thought I had seen everything, I’d discover that a drawer opens or a panel slides over to reveal another panel behind. If we can provide enough artifacts to create a holistic context for the holocaust, it would aid in creating a deeper understanding of what happened and how it connects to the present day.

I like the idea of keeping the guided group visits focused on person to person contact/ information exchange/ meaning making, and keeping the tech aspect more for in class, pre or post visit exploration.

The idea of getting rubbings of names associated with audio clips is really intriguing, as is Kelly’s “scavenger hunt” idea. Maybe we could ask some open ended questions to guide a scavenger hunt, and students would have to find an object or a part of the memorial that corresponds with their answers.

Things to include: historical narrative of the holocaust (could link to old news articles, etc); connections to present (what are issues from this event that we can take lessons from, or issues that we see coming up in present day society); connections to our PDX community (overview history of Jews in PDX, personal connections of donors & docents)

Also found this. It’s the app Peter mentioned and just so happens to be relevant. Not the greatest informational photo, but in case anyone wants to see it:

Featured Image credit: Adobe Spark

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  1. ThingLink is a great idea! Love how it helps us create interactive photos. The more we can incorporate interactive activities into the lesson plans, the better. Engage the students!

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