Close Reading: WWII Propaganda

This historical thinking lesson focuses on close reading of propaganda from WWII. The lesson is adapted from the American Social History Project, and all images come from their HERB database.  PBS has a useful list of propaganda techniques to accompany the lesson. Essential Question: What are the common themes and major differences between WWII propaganda […]

Environmental Modification with Timelapse

This lesson is designed to be part of a unit on human modification of the environment. In this lesson, students will use Google Earth Timelapse to observe land building in Dubai and Singapore. Guiding questions: What are some reasons governments and urban planners might have for building new land? What is the underlying motivation for […]

Screencast for 6th grade Social Studies

  I made this screencast to use in my 6th grade class. The students will have to work on a group project in which they make a slideshow about a characteristic of civilization. They will have to illustrate how their characteristic was represented in ancient Mesopotamia, how it is represented today, and their assessment of […]