Class 13: Final Project Work Day

In today’s class students will work on completing their final projects.

Students will design and publish a document-based lesson (DBL) which includes the following: 

  1. Introduction of the DBL with brief historic context as needed.
  2. Essential question. Open ended, invites discussion / debate. If possible phrase so it continues to be a relevant question.
  3. Clear statement of what students will be asked to do. For example : What historical thinking skills will they be working with? 
  4. About 5 – 8 related documents (image, text, video, audio) that will support the essential question and task.
  5. Each document must have a citation that includes a working hyperlink back to the source.
  6. Scaffolding question for each document to assist the student in examining the document (Could be Sourcing, Contextualization, Corroborating or Close reading)

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