Class 7: Lesson Idea Pitch Session

Note: This lesson was originally planned to include instruction in close reading. Never had the time.


Class will feature students pitching their ideas for in class teaching lessons to be delivered after fall break. Students will share their ideas “Pecha Kucha” style and consist of maximum of 20 slides. Each one timed to automatically advance at 20 seconds. 

Class Session | Zoom Video

Students will deliver their class teaching lessons to the group and receive feedback.

Assignment 7: Teach an in-class lesson |  Lessons 20-A7

Students will develop and deliver a 20-25 min lesson in their assigned class. Student should be prepared to deliver the lesson via Zoom in our Oct 19th class.

About the lesson   The lesson should teach historical thinking skill(s). Specific content of lesson is up to you.

  1. This lesson should be delivered as if we were your class.
  2. Your peers will serve as participant observers noting lesson content, nature of the student task, lesson delivery and student workflow.
  3. Feel free to design a flipped lesson in advance and let the class know of your plans and required viewing.
  4. If you have a significant amount of reading required, send it to us in advance.

Students should do a blog post that supports the delivery of the lesson. It will largely be an update of the post done for today’s class that preview the lesson. Be sure it has a different title and featured image. Good for the portfolio

Blog post due 10/16. Think of your audience as another teacher who might want to borrow this lesson and use. Do they have all the resources and explanation they need?

It can include

  1. good title and featured image
  2. target audience and setting – what class and how might this be used?
  3. content – what will be studied? Why is it interesting or important?
  4. process – what will you do – what will students do?
  5. resources for lessons – what do you plan to provide the students?
  6. Delivery considerations – how do you plan to deliver this remotely?

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