Mapping our History: Geography’s Impact on the Past

Target Student Group

The target group for these lessons is a 9th grade Modern World History class during the first unit of the year: Geography.

Context for Learning

The first form is an activity that teaches the students about different geographic regions of the world. This would be given to the students at the beginning of the unit to briefly introduce several different locations around the world (including our own city of Portland!) The goal is just to get the students thinking about ways that geography affects history and how humans interact with their environment.

The second form, a self-graded quiz on geography map skills, will serve as a formal formative assessment for the students to apply their map skills and clarify any misconceptions they might have about the content. This form requires the student to review and apply the Five Themes of Geography (Movement, Region, Human Environment Interaction, Location, and Place), consider the cartographer’s motive in creating the map, apply latitude and longitude skills, and identify hemispheres.

Direct Links to Google Forms

Geographic Exploration Differentiated Form Link

Map Skills Self-Graded Quiz Link

Geographic Exploration Differentiated Form

Geography Map Skills Self-Graded Google Form

2 Replies to “Mapping our History: Geography’s Impact on the Past”

  1. Francesca, I think your differentiated form is prefect. I like how you are given the option for 3 geographic locales and then once you complete one of the 3 you are again prompted to continue on to the next locale. That’s good functionality.

  2. Excellent design on both. I found it very exciting to not know what era I’d arrive in the Paris and Mexico. That’e engaging. And the self-graded test is well designed with solid feedback.

    Your content for learning clearly sets out your goals and you demonstrate them nicely in each form.

    Excellent layout, attractive graphics, clear layout / instructions and documentation of all sources. You should be proud of this work.

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