Renaissance Culture

Renaissance Art, Architecture and Literature
8th grade social studies

Essential unit question:
How do certain elements of culture shape society?

Previous knowledge:
In the previous lesson, students were introduced to the Renaissance. Students learned why and how it began and the ideas behind humanism and individualism, and how these ideas shaped Europe. Students also learned that there were advances in the arts and sciences.

Learning target for lesson:
In this lesson, students compare and contrast pre- and post-Renaissance art, architecture, and literature, to further understand the ideas that shaped the Renaissance.

With a partner, students will look at a series of paintings, sculptures, buildings, and literature from the Medieval and Renaissance period. They will observe these pictures and create a chart (one chart per pair is fine).

Medieval Renaissance

After students complete the chart, have a class discussion on what they noticed.

Each pair will be assigned to read more information on either Art, Architecture, or Literature in the Renaissance from the textbook. We will then reconvene as a class, and each pair will share to the class what they learned about the topic which they read.

Closing activity for this lesson will be completing a Google Doc, in which students will write what they thought was the most influential part of the Renaissance and why. Students are encouraged to engage with each other within the Doc; to say if they agree or want to add on to someone’s statement, or perhaps have a rebuttal.


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