The Scramble For Africa

Class: High School Modern World History

Lesson: Students will begin to examine European motivations in the ‘Scramble for Africa’, this would be set as an introductory glimpse of colonialism.

Question: What were the attitudes of Europeans towards the acquisition of Africa?

Process: The teacher shall present a very short power point. The students will respond briefly to one of the political cartoons with minimal context. Following this students will read and annotate primary source documents materials and analyze the documents with an elbow partner. Students will answer the following questions with their elbow partners. Students will then discuss their answers to the following questions as a class.

Product: Students will annotate the primary source documents, these can be used later when asked to write an essay as a ‘unit capstone’.

Question 1: What were overall European attitudes to the Scramble for Africa?

Question 2: Look closer as the documents arguments, do they differ? If, so how? Do different countries approach African colonization in different ways?

Question 3: Do these documents support the political cartoon? How so? If not, how do these documents differ from the image presented in the cartoon?


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