Music, Photos, and More – American Reactions to the Vietnam War

With documents including music, photographs, speeches, and letters from a variety of perspectives, this lesson helps students answer the essential question: How should citizens relate to their government? To examine this question,¬†students will work in small groups to examine primary sources and respond to questions embedded throughout the Sway. This lesson could also serve as […]

America’s Response to Vietnam through Music

In this lesson, students will examine songs created directly in response to the Vietnam War. With release dates ranging from 1965 to 2014, student will identify how sentiments toward the war have changed over time. Additionally, the music provided offers a glimpse of both supporters and protesters of the war. This lesson would follow an […]

Violence in America – from Lynchings to Police Brutality

Essential Questions:¬†¬† What motivates violence in America? How have these motivations changed over time? The Lesson: In the history class I currently teach, we are briefly covering the trajectory of race relations in America (ie. what would become the United States) from the time the first slaves arrived in the colonies to the Civil Rights […]

Socrates, Zinn, and You – Let’s Talk

A few times throughout each semester, we have students participate in a class discussion based upon the Socratic Seminar method. This week, students discussed the Cold War, McCarthyism, and Ethel and Julius Rosenberg using Howard Zinn’s, “The Twentieth Century,” as their main source of information. This class period comes toward the middle of our unit […]