A Very DBQ Experience

The people of Marietta, GA celebrate the lynching of Leo Frank. As I began thinking of topics for our document-based lessons, my mind immediately went to a topic with a strong family connection.  My great-grandfather, William Smith, was one of the lawyers involved in the trial of Leo Frank.  However, this dark chapter in the […]

What “Flipped” the US Economy on its Head?

“Breadline” by Margaret Bourke-White, 1937 The world continues to be an ever-evolving place, and, as with all things, educational strategies must adapt in parallel.  Today, the most significant change is occurring in the field of technology, and incorporating its use into the classroom is essential to aligning with the evolving needs of students.  Perhaps the […]

Reality Bytes

Prompt:  Assume you have your first full time teaching job and the principal tells you that you’ve been selected to pilot the  “1 to 1 Project.”  What are your thoughts about the opportunities and challenges that  presents? Despite its obvious utility, the adoption of one new piece of technology into classrooms was exceedingly slow.  The main […]

The Death of Blackbeard

A Lesson for 8th grade U.S. History Students Content:   Sourcing and Corroborating Primary Documents Students will review 3 different accounts of The Battle of Ocracoke Inlet,  which resulted in the death of notorious pirate Edward “Blackbeard” Teach. In groups of 2-3 they will read and discuss each document, creating a Venn Diagram to help process the similarities […]