Trip to the Moon

Objectives: Students will accurately define the terms: conflict, climax, conclusion, rising action, falling action, setting and characters. Students can determine the corresponding example with the appropriate term and produce their own example. Monday 2 minutes: Students write down as many ideas they can think of for the most important parts of a story 1 minute: […]

Bias, Perspective, Context

As a master’s candidate, this is my first time teaching, and also my cooperating teacher’s first time taking on a student teacher. My thanks to him. As one of the first lesson plans, this is almost all him. It is part of a series the PLC has developed to give students an understanding of historical […]

A Practice of Hieroglyphics

Judgement scene in the Hall of Osiris, Thoth weighing heart Hieroglyphics Grade: Eighth Grade Unit: Ancient Egypt Lesson: Hieroglyphics Content:  In this lesson the students will be studying the pictographic writing system of the Ancient Egyptians known as Hieroglyphics.  The majority of this lesson will be a creative exercise for the students.  This will allow […]

Drummer Boy of Shiloh

Sgt. Johnny Clem This is a lesson study on a lesson designed for an eighth grade Language Arts class. Content In this lesson students will partake in silent reading, quick writing, oral reading, and reading comprehension. Students will spend ten minutes at the start of class silent reading and reflecting on their reading using evidence […]