9/9/13: Reflecting on Reflecting

During the early stages of learning a new skill or piece of information, I always like to take in as many views as possible. I recognize my mind has certain tendencies and limitations that might prevent me from understanding something fully, and what might be obvious for one person might never cross my mind. That’s why the lesson plan study we took part in was so beneficial. Listening to how others approached lesson planning helped to fill in some of the gaps I had. By reconciling my approach with those of my class mates, I gained a more holistic perspective.



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  1. Absolutely. I am never quite as aware of my own limitations until they are presented in front of me. It is important to be humble, so that you can actually hear how people interpret or perceive your ideas. It would not be beneficial if your audience is perceiving something that you do not want them to, or even didn’t expect them to.


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