Flipped Class with Screencast

Citation Needed
Citation Needed

Prompt: Students were asked to design a flipped lesson and then write a blog post that showcases their flipped lesson and reaction to designing it. 

Last class we explored the flipped lesson and the means in which it could be used to move a lecture from the class into homework and the tasks that would be commonly relegated to homework into class time. I explored the options and opportunities that screecasting gave me in moving instruction from the classroom to homework. I found this to be most useful for reinforcing pieces of an assignment or paper that are important throughout the class. I can see me creating a screecast for different methods of citations that would be a reference material for students if they are not confident in their abilities in citing. Since providing correct citations are becoming an increasingly important part of writing a paper I think that providing students a means to check their work with a step by step guide would be used to help students using a citation style. The problems of access or if students don’t watch the videos are reduced if the videos aren’t needed for instruction. I think that the determination to use a flipped classroom more often will depend on whether or not I think that my students have access to a computer at home or that they are responsible enough to do the flipped lesson at home. It is at times like these that knowing my students is a determinant factor in how the class works.

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