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As part of our Digital History class, we were asked to design a Flipped Lesson. I decided to use TedEd as my platform (which can be seen here.)



Science Says There Is No Such Thing As Race

I’ll admit that it was a really fun project that really got me thinking about all of the extra time that front loading content would give me in class. What kind of conversations would we have, what kind of work stations could I set up to get students to dig into this topic more, what projects could they work on, etc. However, there’s one big issue for me for Flipped Lessons – ACCESS.

There are so many variables that are outside of the teacher’s control when work gets put back onto the students at home: does the student have electricity, does the student have access to internet, does the student have access to reliable technology, does the student have a place to sleep tonight, etc. I have no doubt that flipped lessons are wonderful in communities where many of those issues aren’t present but for many students who are struggling, this might place just another obstacle in front of them for accessing critical information for class.

That being said though, I think that if I as a teacher do my due diligence to ensure that all of my bases are covered and know my students’ home situations well enough, I think I would use this as a resource.

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