Group Discussion Reflection

I really appreciated the classroom discussion role play last class. Learning how to facilitate classroom discussion is an important skill to have as an educator. Classroom discussion, I believe, is where the learning really happens. It becomes more meaningful for students as they discuss and learn from each other. It is also a great way to do a formal or informal assessment to see student understanding of a subject.

I am really fortunate enough that at OPEN my CT focuses her lessons on group discussions. I was able to lead a group discussion on impacts of Christopher Columbus to the Taino’s. Students had to read Christopher Columbus letters about the description and interaction with the Taino’s. Students then as a group had to go through the reciprocal note taking, and then answer questions that are given to them as a small group. I also lead a large group discussion of asking students to analyze art from that displayed the treatment of the indigenous communities of European settlers. It was awesome to see the engagement of the students and wanted to understand more from each other.

I hope to get better at leading group discussion, and get more class practice.

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