Mini Lesson – Votes for Women

In this assignment I very much enjoyed the peer review process and it solidified my views that having others review your lessons only makes them stronger. I also love the SHEG model when it comes to teaching history. Something that I have seen that has been severely lacking in my classrooms so far has been the ideas of contextualizing, sourcing, and corroborating. This model is very helpful for how to teach these ideas to your students. I also very much love Google Forms. They are so easy to use for so many different things. I like Google Docs as well but not for things that would be worked on simultaneously. I have used it previously for group projects to great effect but it is much easier in that way when you are all not going to be online and editing at the same time as we were in class.

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  1. Good point about Forms vs Doc for students working simultaneously on the same source. I think Forms is much better for that. Plus you can set it up so students can view responses.

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