Mini Lesson – “War Is Hell” Photograph

The purpose of this mini-lesson is to get our students to put on their thinking HAT’s on (get it? lol, nope, okay I’ll move on. No more puns I promise). This assignment also got us as educators to think of critical questions and to be able to create meaningful assignments/activities for them to be able to think like a historian. I hope that the mini-lesson that I created achieved that goal by looking through one iconic and historical photo taken during the Vietnam War.

My only concern when using Beyond the Bubble assessment model is when you ask students to question the validity of historical events, documents, interviews, or experiences of disfranchise communities whose experiences have historically been questioned or devalued as primary resources. It only perpetuates dominate culture and what dominate culture values in history. Other than that this was a great exercise to practice on creating lesson for our students. I loved participating and getting feedback from my classmates. Collaboration and feedback is the key to growth and community in education.

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