Reflection- Boston Massacre

As a whole, I think this lesson went well. But, if I had to change anything I would easily change my ‘presentation” because it was not really a presentation. It was a video and it made the lesson extremely difficult due to the fact it made it hard to go back to a slide due to the time (3 second). Therefore, If I were to do it again I would make it a presentation and test it out before I gave the lesson. However, I would rather this happen in our classroom setting then in my actual classroom. But, all in all, when I do this lesson in my class I will change little. I will change the presentation format and give the students more time to complete the given tasks. The students will also have a guided worksheet to help them answer questions.

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  1. “If I were to do it again I would … test it out before I gave the lesson.” That’s such valuable insight. So many times I’ve gone to teach something without doing that and been surprised. Even happens with paper handouts – not enough or illegible on the back side, whatever …

    Glad our class can be your risk free environment to hone your craft

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