Renaissance Lesson Reflection

I was very pleased with how my Renaissance lesson went. I wanted students to examine a variety of primary sources that were not just texts. Students had the chance to observe an array of paintings, sculptures, buildings, and literature from two different periods in history. Through doing so, they were able to come to their own conclusions on how the Renaissance influenced culture.

When creating this lesson, I wanted to incorporate a variety of methods of teaching to keep students engaged. First students compared/contrasted the PowerPoint images, then we had a class discussion. Students then read a section of the textbook and shared with the class. Lastly, we had an engaging class discussion as students completed the Google Doc closing activity, which invited deeper thought.

I enjoyed the fact that it was a student-led lesson, in which they had the chance to teach and share with each other. Through moving around the room, I could hear thoughtful discussion amongst students, acting as an informal assessment which I could gauge student’s understanding.

I would gladly do a similar lesson again with my students. I think it went really well.


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