The Race to Space!

This lesson serves a great introductory course lesson to a high school History class that covers the Cold War between the US and Soviet superpowers. Obviously, this is a short version that’s more packed with comedy than information, but it serves as a great format in order to teach the events of the space race from both the Soviet and American sides. Take the trip from both perspectives and see if you can lead your country to victory – good luck!

Link to space race from American perspective:

Link to space race from Soviet perspective:

5 Replies to “The Race to Space!”

    1. Wow – how have I considered my life to be complete without having had had a previous encounter with this commercial. Thank you Nicolas, for truly showing me the silver lining of all things earth-related. Also, feel free to go back and forth between the sections to see all possible outcomes! It appears there were some that you missed:)

  1. I enjoy your take on the Cold War and former USSR. Glad you can mine your experience and interests.

    You did a great job of demonstrated the choice options in a differentiated form. Fun to see the different paths I could take as I revised my choices. Your humorous approach made it even better. A few LOLs in there for me.

    Good job of adding citations to the end of each presentation. Could you also add direct links to each form at the start of this post. It will be easier navigating the forms on some devices.

  2. Alex Pilat you clever, clever man. This is a fun activity and I learned a bit in the process. You clearly know the material well and you presented it in an accessible, fun way.

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