The Faces on the Bill

9th grade: U.S. History

Introduction to the Founding Fathers and the Independence of the United States of America

Virtual Classroom: Lecture style

Here is a direct link for the George Washington and Alexander Hamilton

Below are two quizzes about the first president of the USA and the first secretary of treasury. Google forms is a way for students to test their reading comprehension. Teachers have access to google forms and create a pre-assessment, a quiz, or a survey.

Eugene V. Debs and the Espionage and Sedition Acts of 1917

This Google Forms mini-lesson will guide students through understanding a time when freedom of speech was at odds with U.S. national security interests during WWI. I enjoyed how this form allowed me to include a variety of primary source documents and background information for students to analyze. The Google forms question prompt allows for a variety of assessment options and is fully customizable depending on the lesson at hand.

The target student group for this lesson would be high school U.S. history or government class. This mini-lesson would be part of a larger unit on WWI. If I were doing this mini-lesson in a classroom, I think it could be engaging to direct students to review the primary source materials, answer the questions and come back to discuss their opinions. This lesson could be part of a series of class stations students would work through covering related topics, with the Google Forms being used to help facilitate critical thinking and class discussion.

Here is a direct link to the Google Form.