The Faces on the Bill

9th grade: U.S. History

Introduction to the Founding Fathers and the Independence of the United States of America

Virtual Classroom: Lecture style

Here is a direct link for the George Washington and Alexander Hamilton

Below are two quizzes about the first president of the USA and the first secretary of treasury. Google forms is a way for students to test their reading comprehension. Teachers have access to google forms and create a pre-assessment, a quiz, or a survey.

2 Replies to “The Faces on the Bill”

  1. Good use of Google forms to create a pair of quizzes. You’ll enjoy our next class when you’ll learn to make them self grading.

  2. Cris – I love the simplicity and versatility of you Google Forms. Using them as a quiz is a great way to assess your students’ abilities, and whether or not they have achieved your instructional goal. The succinct structure of your lesson makes them easily accessible, and open to modification. I hope you can use these in class one day!

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