The Faces on the Bill

9th grade: U.S. History

Introduction to the Founding Fathers and the Independence of the United States of America

Virtual Classroom: Lecture style

Here is a direct link for the George Washington and Alexander Hamilton

Below are two quizzes about the first president of the USA and the first secretary of treasury. Google forms is a way for students to test their reading comprehension. Teachers have access to google forms and create a pre-assessment, a quiz, or a survey.

Looking Deeper Within the Picture

The Great Wave of Kanagawa, 1829, 1833

Source I’m sure most (if not all) of you have seen this iconic painting by Katsushika Hokusai. During the Edo period, Hokusai was the best known author in the woodblock print series Thirty-six views of Mount Fuji. In the picture we see the giant wave, three boats, and Mount Fuji in the distance.

Ice breaker prompt: Think about and write down questions you have about this picture. Rank them of individual curiosity

Response: 1) What do you feel when you look at this picture? 2) How is this different than other artists in Europe? 3) What was Hokusai’s intention when he made this picture?

Wheat Field, 1889

Source Personally this is one of my favorites from Vincent Van Gogh. This one has a vast number of different colors and unique brush strokes. Yes, you can argue that every artist has their own style, but it’s just something about Van Gogh that screams “immaculate.”

Ice breaker prompt: Analyze the image and write down the things that surprised you.

Response: Look at the different shades of colors that Van Gogh used. I also wonder what kind of material Van Gogh used when he illustrated this picture? I noticed that there is a very small detail of red at the bottom that represents flowers.

The Last Supper, 1498

Source Leonardo Da Vinci, a man that is still one of the greatest painters of all time. He created this masterpiece from one of the most well known books in history: the Bible. In the picture called “The Last Supper,” Jesus Christ is with is apostles right before he is about to die.

Ice breaker prompt: Create 3 thought bubbles about what the apostles might be saying.

Response: 1)We are finally here together with Jesus. 2) What is about to happen now? 3) Am I the one who will betray Jesus?

The Long Road

American prisoners marching through Camp O’Donnell, the last area of the Bataan Death March. Hours after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invaded the Philippines. The U.S. were sent to the Philippines to aid their comrades. During the battle, the allies lost a lot of soldiers and were even forced to surrender. While being prisoners of war, the Philippine and American soldiers had to march on this grueling path where they had a small amount of food and hardly and rest.

What is in the bag? A body of a soldier that died from exhaustion, dehydration, and hunger from the Bataan Death March. The March is 85 miles long and the prisoners of war only had a very small ration of food for the entire trip.

Where is the Bataan Death March? The Bataan Death March is located in the Philippines and west of the capital city, Manila.

Attack on the Harbor

Source On December 7th, 1941 made an attack on the U.S. military in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Who is that? Firing the machine gun turret is navy Messman Third Class Dorrie Miller who was registered as a mess attendant as well as a cook. 2.5 million black men registered for the draft and thousands of black women joined auxiliary units. African American men and women were separated into different groups which had little to none combat. During the attack, Miller got ahold of a Caliber machine gun and shot down the Japanese military planes.

What is this? This is a Japanese fighter plane that attacked U.S. military ships in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Leading the invasion were fighter planes and bombers followed by warships. 129 Japanese soldiers died in battle. 29 pieces of aircraft followed by 5 warships were destroyed.

Siege on the Coast of France

source On June 6th, 1944, 160,000 Allied military forces infiltrated the coast of France and was led by General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Many movies and video games like Saving Private Ryan, the Overlord, and Call of Duty WWII started with this scene from World War II

Soldiers were deployed from a small boat a few feet from the beach. On land, it was heavily armed with Axis soldiers manning machine guns.

When leaving the boat, soldiers are carrying hundreds of pounds in gear. Keep in mind that their clothes are wet and adding more weight.