Genesis- This is my story

“In the Beginning,” there is book and in that book there is the first page of writing; my page. I am the author of this book or posts. My stories are written and these stories help me express the things I love.

Some of my favorite posts that I did during this course were creating a haiku in just 4 minutes! You are the artist, paint what comes to mind. Show your talent on the canvas and let your words blossom. Follow this guide and you will master this skill that you can use in your classes or elsewhere

Another post that was my favorite was called “Looking Deeper Within the Picture.” They say a picture can tell a thousand words, I say that it could explain even more. Think of any picture and give three questions. If you see The Great Wave of Kanagawa, one of your questions could be, “what is the history behind the style of paint,” or “how do you feel when looking at a majestic painting.” With those questions, your eyes will begin to see something greater.

And the last post that I will showcase has something to do with change. The title for my final project is called “Into the Civil Rights Movement: A New World. During the Civil Rights Movement, one word could sum up the whole era; that word was “change.” In this lesson, I would ask students, “How are the events during the Civil Rights Movement  of the 1960s similar or different from the contemporary protest for civil rights and racial equality?” During this year of 2020, there have been a number of racial incidents. We need to fight for change. The fight for change doesn’t start in the next year, it starts now.

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