Into the Civil Rights Movement: A New World

Target Audience: 11th grade U.S. history- in-person

Introduction/Content: This unit will help your understanding of the events that happened in the Civil Rights Movements as well as comparing the events that are happening right now. I feel like this topic is meaningful because there are events in the world right now such as racism and hatred that no one knows its origin.

Process/in-class assignment:

  • 2020 has seen a dramatic increase in Americans demand for civil rights and racial equality. Your objective is to create a poster board with your team to identify 3 specific demands that today’s protest groups have made. What would be that cause and how would other people view it?
  • The poster should have pictures or quotes from the Civil Rights Movements talking how they demand change or something in 2020 about how the coronavirus takes a toll on Asian-Americans.
  • In addition to using the resources for this project, students are encouraged to use recently written articles related to racism.

Guiding Question: “How are the events during the Civil Rights Movement  of the 1960s similar or different from the contemporary protest for civil rights and racial equality?” 

When reading these sources, think about the questions and guidelines below.


  1. Library of Congress: Youth in the Civil Rights Movement
  • Why did the youth have such a powerful role in the Civil Rights Movement?
  • What did it take for the youth to realize that something needs to change?

2. Crash Course- Civil Rights Movement video

  • Why did schools want to separate the white students with the ones of color?
  • What role does Rosa Park play in the Civil Rights Movement?

3. Health Equity Considerations and Racial and Ethnic Minority Groups

  • What is the message in this article?

Video citation 4. I Have a

  • How does Dr. King say his speech? (Ex: does he say it with a sense of urgency or demand?)
Picture citation 4. United
  • Do you think there is a significance with the crossing of arms?
Image Citation . 5- We demand
  • In the image above, what is the message that these people are presenting?

Advice on the using the resource as a question: Think about what caused an uprising and how the Civil Rights Movement started. What made a small voice turn into a loud cry? And finally how will you project your voice to the public? Make your voice speak volume!

Featured imaged citation

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