Fall 2014 Preview


welcome to ED 456:533EIt’s mid August and nearly time to teach another semester of Social Studies Method. I’ve prepared a tentative course calendar here. UP 14 calendar (91 KB pdf)

I’ve made two major changes from last year’s course. First, while our partnership with the Nikkei Legacy Center last year produced some fine collaborative projects, I’ve decided to teach this semester without a significant external partner. Second, we will be much more purposeful in our use of social media as a tool for personal growth and professional networking.

We will continue with our practical, hands-on, project based approach and substitute various social media networks in place of a community partner.

This year’s course goals include:

  1. Learn to think like a historian (or other social scientist).
  2. Become a skillful instructional designer.
  3. Develop skills for reflection, growth and professional networking.

 Click here for a visual introduction the course

3 Replies to “Fall 2014 Preview”

  1. I am so excited about this class! I didn’t know what to expect and I’m so glad to have this class as I prepare to enter the classroom. Here’s to a semester focused on understanding how to teach students to own their learning experience, designing engaging lesson plans and learning how to use social media in a professional context.

  2. Great first class. So many current concepts coming together: technology, student engagement, even CCSS. This is a great opportunity for us to hit the ground running as true professionals in our field. Very excited!

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