Effective 1:1 Teaching or Lost on Deserted Island?

Prompt:  Assume you have your first full time teaching job and the principal tells you that you’ve been selected to pilot the  “1 to 1 Project.”  What are your thoughts about the opportunities and challenges that  presents? I honestly felt a bit confused and scared by the “1:1” teaching with the iPads. I do a fairly […]

The Dog That Started The Space Race

The Dog That Started The Space Race By John Buckley 5th Grade Develop Historical Skills: Sourcing and  Contextualization Essential Question: What were the reasons Laika was sent into space and what impact did it have on U.S. and Soviet relations?   Laika’s Journey to Space and the Cold War [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz-vMeAa1OI] American News Reel from […]

Mad Scientist 101: Introducing The Scientific Method to 5th Graders

  Overview: The following lesson plan introduces the scientific method to 5th graders for the first time. I took the approach asking the kids, “who wants to be a doctor, nurse, teacher, scientist, astronaut” etc? This then led to a discussion about challenges we all face in life, no matter what career field or background […]