DBQ Reflection

When I started my DBQ project I wanted to show how propaganda was used throughout history and see how propaganda evolved throughout the years.  However, I decided to focus my attention at WWII and the Cold War Era.  I was able to find some great documents showing the propaganda used during that time.  I wanted to somehow link the idea of propaganda to today’s society and challenge the students to think about how propaganda may be used today.  However, I didn’t come up with a great way to do that without making the project much larger in scope. See my DBQ –“The Power of Propaganda”

I think I should have focused my attention to either WWII or the Cold War exclusively.  I think I would have been able to dive in deeper with one of them, rather than trying to span over a long time and different conflicts.  However, this DBQ could be used to try to connect the two events and show how propaganda played a part in both of these.

This DBQ is part of our class-produced, multi-touch iBook. Available free at iTunes


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