Civil War and Reconstruction

Photo #1

Manifest Destiny Source

What is the reason behind why Manifest Destiny was depicted by an angelic looking woman?
Including the railroad shows that technology is also coming out west, contrasted with the horse drawn carriages typically thought of when thinking about westward migration. When were the rails being laid for trains to continue out west?

Photo #2

Propoganda promoting Reconstruction Source
Do these women represent the North and South getting along after the Civil War ended?
Does the fire represent the country trying to come back together? By the time this advertisement was circulating, had the southern states that had seceded rejoined the United States?

Photo #3

Siege of Charleston Source
Was creating bunkers in the Civil War a tactic that was used often? Is this a precursor to Trench Warfare in World War 1?
Were these ships used to help completely siege Charleston?

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