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Let us make Peace source
When did this take place? It’s a black and white photo, and the soldiers are fighting each-other on horseback. Perhaps it takes place some time after the invention of the camera, but still in an age where people fought on horseback?
Above the figurines reads “Let Us Make Peace”. The work seems to be a persuasive piece arguing pacifism during a time of conflict.
Woman Suffrage source
While the title explains, the photo verifies that the subject of this photo is suffrage. Because it is a black and white photo, and due to the dress of the woman, perhaps it is taken during the woman’s suffrage movement in the late 1910s?
What is the meaning of the sashes that the women are wearing? Why is the woman on the left wearing her sash across her right shoulder as opposed to her left shoulder like the others?
Negro Going in Colored Entrance of Movie House source
This word at the top of the building suggest that this building is a movie theater. Even during this time it seems people got special deals for going to movie theaters at certain times in the day.
There is a separate entrance, and a set price of 10 cents for people of color at this movie theater. I know that African Americans were separated from white Americans during beginning half of the 20th century in America, but did they not benefit from deals like matinee prices like other Americans?

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  1. Easily the most powerful part of these images to me is the “colored-only” entrance to the movie theater. There is a somber look of inner-peace and acceptance to the man climbing the steps, almost as if this were not his first rodeo. The way he approaches by himself, showing his personal desire to see a film and not taking children, make it both frustrating to see the extra effort he must take and upsetting to think that the stairs are likely so empty due to the seemingly steep price African Americans had to pay as opposed to Whites.

    I would be interested to know if the price was different for Whites at this time and theater, or if there was instead a “premium” cost for seeing a movie if you were a person of color. Great set of images overall, but that portion really stood out to me!

  2. Jose! Extremely interesting choice of photos. I feel like each of them has the potential to be analyzed for hours in the classroom since there is so much that one could draw attention to. For example, with the first photo (“let us make peace”) looks like it has people praying at an altar that are being protected by the people at war. Asking students what symbolism may be present through this layout may be an interesting question to pose in a future classroom. Awesome job choosing photos that tell a story!

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