Eyes on the Road

Here’s a rough outline of a lesson plan that makes use of a digital tool.

Step 1: Ask students to look at “Mapping 10 Years of Fatal Traffic Accidents.” Zoom in on the Portland Metro area and identify 3 details you notice. Click here.

Step 2: Students read a newspaper article on distracted driving and a new Oregon law that recently went into effect. Click here.

Step 3: Students work in small groups and discuss the following questions: (1) How does Oregon’s new law aim to combat distracted driving crashes and fatalities? (2) Does this law seem reasonable to you? Too strict? Not strict enough? (3) Does this law limit individual freedom and liberty?

This activity could be used as either a written assignment or as a discussion prompt. Depending on grade level, scaffolding may be needed for prompt 3.




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  1. Great idea for a lesson. Certainly relevant to students on many levels. Do you think they will need some assistance in what sort of detail you are look for. Perhaps a scaffold or example might help them get started?

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