Flipped Lesson to Defeat the Manticora Elder Scrolls Online

Prompt: Students were asked to design a flipped lesson and then write a blog post that showcases their flipped lesson and reaction to designing it. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.30.43 PM

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Above is a flipped lesson that I designed using Quicktime on a Mac. I used an already uploaded video from youtube featuring the boss fight of the Manticora from Elder Scrolls Online. In my flipped lesson I go over details on how to defeat the boss using the burn method.

I decided to use the Quicktime program because it seemed more suitable for the lesson that I wanted to teach. The program was a bit confusing at first, but this is do to my lack of experience using a Mac computer. After figuring out how the program worked, I am really pleased with the final product. I could see myself using this program again for my classroom. In fact I did a lesson today on how to use a globe in order to answer question about our planets geography. I believed a flipped lesson of this would have been better then me standing in front of the class lecturing for 20 minutes.

The issue I can see with using the flipped classroom method is that if I was just going to play the video in class I might as well lecture. Instead I would want my students to do the lesson at home. This becomes a concern in having my students do the assignment at home, and do they have access in order to do this assignment at home. The flipped lesson using quick time does not take very long to create. If I was going to use this in the future I would write out my question before hand and model the video a few different times.

For a class project for upper grade level I would like them to use Quicktime to create a presentation rather then having them do an oral presentation. I can see using flipped classroom as more of a project base Jig Saw for the students to create rather then something I would use.

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