Flipped Lesson: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Image of Hieroglyphics

           The flipped lesson that I have created is on the ancient system of writing known as Hieroglyphics.  This lesson was created using the TedEd software.  A link to the lesson is provided below.

The Odd Writings of Ancient Egypt


            This is has not been the first time I have designed a flipped lesson using the TedEd format.  I had previously used the format for one of my education courses.  I have found that the TedEd format for the flipped lesson is a simple tool for teachers to create lessons for students using already established videos.  This makes it easier for the teacher to gather the appropriate content for the lesson.  TedEd also has a streamline format for the inclusion of questions and discussions that the students can use to begin to dig deeper into a topic rather than just parrot back information.

If I were to use the flipped lesson format, especially the TedEd format, I would use it in a supplementary role or as a means for students to access the material at home.  For example, if a student is absent for an extended period of time, the flipped lesson allows the students catch up with the material that they had missed during that time.  Also, if a student is not grasping lecture material, the use of the video medium can supplement their learning, buttressing what they have learned.


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